Kombination | nemačko - engleski prevod


ženski rododevanje

1. catsuit


A close-fitting one-piece garment that covers the torso and the legs and sometimes the arms. cat suit

Kombination | nemačko - engleski prevod


ženski rodsport

Im Sport das planmäßige, flüssige Zusammenspiel von Mannschaften; Zusammenfassung mehrerer sportl. Disziplinen, z.B. nordische K.; beim Jagdspringen hintereinandergestellte Hindernisse in zwei- oder dreifacher Anordnung.

1. combination


Sinonimi: combining | combine | combining | compounding

ETYM Late Lat. combinatio. Related to Combine.
1. A collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities.
2. A group of people (often temporary) having a common purpose.
3. A sequence of numbers or letters that opens a combination lock.
4. An alliance of people or corporations or countries for a special purpose (formerly to achieve some antisocial end but now for general political or economic purposes).
5. An occurrence that results in things being combined; SYN. combining, combine.
6. The act of arranging elements into specified groups without regard to order.
7. The act of combining things; SYN. combining, compounding.
In mathematics, a selection of a number of objects from some larger number of objects when no account is taken of order within any one arrangement. For example, 123, 213, and 312 are regarded as the same combination of three digits from 1234. Combinatorial analysis is used in the study of probability.
The number of ways of selecting r objects from a group of n is given by the formula.
N!/[r!(n - r)!] (see factorial). This is usually denoted by nCr.

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