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Von polynes. Auslegerbooten abstammende Schiffsform mit zwei schlanken, parallelen, durch eine Brücke verbundenen Rümpfen.
(Tamil.-engl.)doppelrümpfiges Schiff oder Segelboot (z.B. der 'Tornado', seit 1976 olymp. Bootsklasse). Urform des K. ist das in SO-Asien gebräuchl. Boot aus zwei Einbäumen.

1. catamaran


ETYM The native East Indian name.
A sailboat with two parallel hulls held together by single deck.
Twin-hulled sailing vessel, based on the aboriginal craft of South America and the Indies, made of logs lashed together, with an outrigger. A similar vessel with three hulls is known as a trimaran. Automobile ferries with a wave-piercing catamaran design are also in use in parts of Europe and North America. They have a pointed main hull and two outriggers and travel at a speed of 35 knots (84.5 kph/52.5 mph).

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