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1. chat


Sinonimi: confab | confabulation

An informal conversation; SYN. confab, confabulation.

2. conversation


ETYM Old Eng. conversacio, Old Fren. conversacion, French conversation, from Latin conversatio frequent abode in a place, intercourse, Late Lat. also, manner of life.
Speech used for informal exchange of views.

3. dialog


Variant spelling of

4. dialogue


Sinonimi: dialog | duologue | dialog | dialog

ETYM Old Eng. dialogue, Latin dialogus, from Greek, to converse, dia through + lego to speak: cf. French dialogue. Related to Legend.
Conversation between two or more people. Dialogue is direct speech, so it is represented in writing as a series of quotations, using quotation marks or, in dramatic dialogue, the characters' names followed by their speeches.
1. A conversation between two persons; SYN. dialog, duologue.
2. A literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people; SYN. dialog.
3. The lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction; SYN. dialog.

5. interlocution


Conversation; interruption.

6. talk


Sinonimi: talking | talk of the town

1. The act of speech.
2. An exchange of ideas via conversation; SYN. talking.
3. A act of giving a talk to an audience
4. Idle gossip or rumor; SYN. talk of the town.
5. ('talk about' is a less formal alternative for 'discussion of') Discussion

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