Gerüst | nemačko - engleski prevod



Konturen, in denen Zierelemente eingelötet werden können.

1. framework


Sinonimi: frame | framing | fabric

1. A structure supporting or containing something; SYN. frame, framing.
2. The underlying structure; SYN. fabric. frame-work.

2. gantry


Sinonimi: gauntry

A structure of steel bars raised on side supports to bridge over or around something; can display railway signals above several tracks or can support a traveling crane etc.; SYN. gauntry.
shelving for barrels; shelf where drinks are displayed
framelike support, especially bridge for traveling crane or bearing railroad signals.

3. scaffold


ETYM Old Fren. eschafault, eschafaut, escafaut, escadafaut, French échafaud; probably originally the same word as Eng. and French catafalque, Italian catafalco. Related to Catafalque.
1. A platform from which criminals are executed (hanged or beheaded).
2. A temporary arrangement erected around a building for convenience of workers.

4. trestle


ETYM Old Fren. trestel, tresteay, French tréteau; probably from Latin transtillum a little crossbeam, dim. of transtrum a crossbeam. Related to Transom.
1. A tower-like framework used to support a bridge.
2. Sawhorses used in pairs to support a horizontal tabletop.

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