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muški rodlično ime

Edward Morgan, 1879, 1970, engl. Schriftst.; bahnbrechend für den modernen Roman in England.

1. Forster

muški rodlično ime

E(dward) M(organ) (1879-1970) English novelist. He was concerned with the interplay of personality and the conflict between convention and instinct. His novels include A Room with a View 1908, Howards End 1910, and A Passage to India 1924. He also wrote short stories, for example ‘The Eternal Omnibus’ 1914; criticism, including Aspects of the Novel 1927; and essays, including Abinger Harvest 1936.
Forster published his first novel, Where Angels Fear to Tread, 1905. He enhances the superficial situations of his plots with unexpected insights in The Longest Journey 1907, A Room with a View, and Howards End. His many years spent in India and as secretary to the Maharajah of Dewas 1921 provided him with the material for A Passage to India, which explores the relationship between the English and the Indians. Maurice, published 1971, has a homosexual theme.

Förster | nemačko - engleski prevod


muški rodgramatika

Forstbeamte des gehobenen Dienstes.

1. forest ranger


An officer charged with the patrolling and guarding of a forest; especially; one in charge of the management and protection of a portion of a public forest.

2. forester


Sinonimi: tree farmer | arboriculturist

ETYM French forestier, Late Lat. forestarius.
Someone trained in forestry; SYN. tree farmer, arboriculturist.

3. ranger


1. An officer of the park service.
2. A wanderer or rover.

4. woodman


ETYM Written also woodsman.
1. One who cuts down trees; a woodcutter.
2. A sportsman; a hunter.
3. (Archaic) A forest officer appointed to take care of the king's woods; a forester.

5. woodsman


Sinonimi: woodman

Someone who lives in the woods; SYN. woodman.

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