Brunnenkresse | nemačko - engleski prevod


ženski rod

Echte B., an langsam fließenden Gewässern u. Quellen verbreitet, auch in Kultur; Blätter liefern schmackhaften Salat.

1. nasturtium


ETYM Latin nasturtium, for nasitortium, from nasus nose + torquere, tortum, to twist, torture, in allusion to the causing one to make a wry face by its pungent taste. Related to Nose of the face, and Torture.
1. Any tropical American plant of the genus Tropaeolum having pungent juice and long-spurred yellow to red flowers.
2. Flowers and seeds and leaves all used as flavorings.
3. Any plant of the genus Nasturtium, family Cruciferae, including watercress Nasturtium officinale, a perennial aquatic plant of Europe and Asia, grown as a salad crop. It also includes plants of the South American family Tropeolaceae, including the cultivated species Tropeolum majus, with orange or scarlet flowers, and Tropeolum minus, which has smaller flowers.
4. Aquatic herbs; Also called: genus Nasturtium.

2. watercress


1. Any of several water-loving cresses.
2. Cresses that grow in clear ponds and streams.
Perennial aquatic plant Nasturtium officinale of the crucifer family, found in Europe and Asia, and cultivated as a salad crop.

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