übrig lassen | nemačko - engleski prevod

übrig lassen


1. leave left


2. leave


(Irregular preterit, past participle: left).
1. To be survived by after one's death; SYN. leave behind.
2. To cause to be in a specified state.
3. To go away from a place; SYN. go forth, go away.
4. To have left or have as a remainder.
5. To leave behind.
6. To leave home, school, a position, etc.; SYN. depart.
7. To leave unchanged or unaltered.
8. To let be; leave alone or undisturbed; SYN. let.
9. To make a possibility or provide opportunity for; SYN. allow for, allow, provide for.
10. To refrain from taking; SYN. leave behind.
11. To result in; SYN. result, lead.

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