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1. interleave


1. To intersperse alternately, as of protective covers for book illustrations.
2. To intersperse the sectors on the concentric magnetic circular patterns written on a computer disk surface to guide the storing and recording of data.
3. To provide with blank leaves, as of books.

2. lap


Sinonimi: swish | swosh | lap up

1. To lie partly over or alongside of something or of one another SYN. to overlap.
2. To move with or make or cause to move with or make a whistling or hissing sound, as of liquids; SYN. swish, swosh.
3. To take up with the tongue; SYN. lap up.
4. To advance one full circuit ahead of another competitor in a race

3. overlap


1. To coincide partially.
2. To concur partially or wholly
3. To extend over and cover a part of
4. To have something in common.

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