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ženski rod

1. advisement


1. Careful consideration; deliberation
2. The act or process of advising (as a college student)

2. consideration


Sinonimi: thoughtfulness | considerateness | thoughtfulness

ETYM Latin consideratio: cf. French considération.
1. A considerate and thoughtful act; SYN. thoughtfulness.
2. A discussion of a topic (as in a meeting).
3. Kind and considerate regard for others; SYN. considerateness, thoughtfulness.
4. The process of giving careful thought to something.

3. deliberation


Sinonimi: deliberateness | weighing | advisement

ETYM Latin deliberatio: cf. French délibération.
1. The trait of thoughtfulness in action or decision; SYN. deliberateness.
2. Careful consideration; SYN. weighing, advisement.
3. (Usually plural) Discussion of all sides of a question.

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