trahir | francusko - engleski prevod



1. Lâcher.
2. Abandonner. Trahir un ami.
3. Révéler. Trahir un secret.
4. Dénaturer. Trahir la pensée de quelqu'un.

1. betray


Sinonimi: sell | bewray

1. To deliver to an enemy by treachery; SYN. sell.
2. To reveal unintentionally; SYN. bewray.

2. delude


1. To lead from truth or into error; to mislead the mind or judgment of to beguile; to impose on; to dupe; to make a fool of.
2. To frustrate or disappoint.

3. double cross

glagolsleng, dijalekt

To betray by double-dealing. double-cross