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1. Faire passer un texte d'une langue ŕ un autre.
2. Interpréter.
3. Exprimer. Traduire ses émotions.

1. interpret


Sinonimi: render | construe

1. To give an interpretation or explanation to.
2. To give an interpretation or rendition of; SYN. render.
3. To make sense of; assign a meaning to; SYN. construe.

2. translate


Sinonimi: interpret | transform

1. To render into another language; SYN. interpret.
2. To change from one form or medium into another; SYN. transform.
3. To change the position of (figures or bodies) in space without rotation, in mathematics.
4. To bring to a certain spiritual state.
5. To be translatable, or be translatable in a certain way

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