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muški rod

1. Cachet.
2. Marque.

1. seal


Sinonimi: stamp

(Homonym: seel).
1. A stamp affixed to a document (as to attest to its authenticity or to seal it).
2. A finishing coating applied to seal out especially moisture.
3. A device incised to make an impression; used to secure a closing or to authenticate documents; SYN. stamp.
4. A tight and perfect closure.
5. Mark or impression made in a block of wax to authenticate letters and documents. Seals were used in ancient China and are still used in China, Korea, and Japan.

2. signet


ETYM Old Fren. signet a signet, French, a bookmark, dim. of signe. Related to Sign, Sennet.
(Homonym: cygnet).
A seal (especially one used to mark documents officially).

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