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salon littéraire

muški rod

1. literary salon


2. salon


Sinonimi: beauty salon | beauty parlor | beauty parlour | beauty shop

ETYM French See Saloon.
(French) “drawing-room”; reception at which famous persons are present; hostess’s circle of fashionable or famous acquaintances.
1. A shop where hairdressers and beauticians work; SYN. beauty salon, beauty parlor, beauty parlour, beauty shop.
2. Elegant room where guests are received.
3. Where works of art can be displayed.
Meeting place provided by a wealthy host or hostess for writers, artists, and musicians. The term was first used in 17th-century Paris to describe the gatherings of artists and intellectuals in the houses of rich and cultured ladies. The tradition of the “literary hostess” has continued in Europe and the us.

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