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muški rod


1. brook


Sinonimi: creek

ETYM Old Eng. brok, broke, brook, AS. brôc; akin to Dutch broek, LG. brôk, marshy ground, Old High Germ. pruoh, German bruch marsh; prob. from the root of Eng. break. Related to Break.
A natural stream of water smaller than a river (and often a tributary of a river); SYN. creek.

2. creek


ETYM AS. crecca; akin to Dutch kreek, Icel. kriki crack, nook; cf. W. crig crack, crigyll ravine, creek. Related to Crick, Crook.
(Homonym: creak).
1. A stream of water smaller than a river and larger than a brook.
2. A small inlet or bay, narrower and extending further into the land than a cove; a recess in the shore of the sea, or of a river.

3. gutter


Sinonimi: trough

ETYM Old Eng. gotere, Old Fren. goutiere, French gouttičre, from Old Fren. gote, goute, drop, French goutte, from Latin gutta.
A channel along the eaves or on the roof; collects and carries away rainwater; SYN. trough.

4. rivulet


Sinonimi: rill | run | runnel | streamlet

ETYM Earlier rivolet, Italian rivoletto, a dim. from rivolo, Latin rivulus, dim. of rivus a brook. cf. Rival, Rite.
A small stream; SYN. rill, run, runnel, streamlet.

5. stream


Sinonimi: watercourse | flow | current | flow

ETYM as. streám; akin to OFries. strâm, os. strôm, Dutch stroom, German strom, Old High Germ. stroum, strűm, Dan. and Swed. ström, Icel. straumr, Irish sroth, Lith. srove, Russ. struia, Greek rysis a flowing, rein to flow, Skr. sru. Related to Catarrh, Diarrhea, Rheum, Rhythm.
1. A natural body of running water flowing on or under the earth; SYN. watercourse.
2. Dominant course (suggestive of running water) of successive events or ideas; SYN. flow, current.
3. Something that resembles a flowing stream in moving continuously; SYN. flow.

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