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ženski rod
IPA: / pʁodyksjˈɔ̃ /

1. Produit.
2. Fabrication. Une production de série.
3. Création.
4. Oeuvre. Une production cinématographique.
5. Présentation. Sur production d'un certificat.

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IPA: / prədəkʃn̩ /

production je nebrojiva imenica


ETYM Latin productio a lengthening, prolonging: cf. French production. Related to Produce.
1. The act or process of producing something.
2. (Economics) Manufacturing or mining or growing something (usually in large quantities) for sale.
3. A presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television.
4. (Law) The act of exhibiting in a court of law.
The process of making a good or service. Job production, batch production, and flow production are three different ways in which production is organized. Production can be classified by industrial sector: primary production (mining and agriculture), secondary production (manufacturing), and tertiary production (services).

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output · product · yield
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