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ženski rod

Art du collectionneur de timbres-poste, étude des timbres.

1. philately


Sinonimi: stamp collecting | stamp collection

ETYM Philo- + Greek ateleia exemption from tax; cf. frank to send free.
The collection and study of postage stamps; SYN. stamp collecting, stamp collection.
Study of postage stamps; stamp-collecting.
The collection and study of postage stamps. It originated as a hobby in France about 1860.
Many countries earn extra revenue and cater to the philatelist by issuing sets of stamps to commemorate special events, anniversaries, and so on. There are many specialized fields of collection, from particular countries to specimens that have some defect; for example, contemporary issues that accidentally remain unperforated.

2. stamp collecting


The collection and study of postage stamps

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