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1. Amour. La passion de sa vie.
2. Fièvre.
3. Fureur. Parler avec passion.
4. Enthousiasme. La musique est sa passion.

1. appetite


Sinonimi: appetency | appetence

ETYM Old Eng. appetit, French appétit, from Latin appetitus, from appetere to strive after, long for; ad + petere to seek. Related to Petition, Appetence.
A feeling of craving something; SYN. appetency, appetence.

2. craving


An intense desire for some particular thing.

3. desire


ETYM French désir, from désirer. Related to Desire.
1. An inclination to want things.
2. Something that is desired.
3. The feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state.

4. love


Sinonimi: passion

ETYM Old Eng. love, luve, as. lufe, lufu; akin to Eng. lief, believe, Latin lubet, libet,it pleases, Skr. lubh to be lustful. Related to Lief.
1. A deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction.
2. Any object of warm affection or devotion; or; SYN. passion.
3. A strong positive emotion of regard and affection.
4. A score of zero in tennis or squash.
Affectionate or passionate devotion to another being. The Greeks often distinguished fondness or friendship (philis), erotic love (eros), and selfless love (agape).
Plato and Aristotle both hold that love is ultimately the desire of the imperfect for the perfect, whereas in Christianity love arises from the concern of the perfect (God) for the imperfect (human beings). St Augustine defines virtue as ordo amoris (“the order of love”), which occurs when the love of God replaces the love of self. For St Thomas Aquinas, natural love concerns the passions and will, whereas supernatural love is natural love to which has been added habitual unselfishness.

5. lust


Sinonimi: luxuria

ETYM as. lust, lust, pleasure, longing; akin to os., Dutch, German, and Swed. lust, Dan. and Icel. lyst, Goth lustus, and perh. tom Skr. lush to desire, or to Eng. loose. Related to List to please, Listless.
Self-indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins); SYN. luxuria.

6. passion


Sinonimi: passionateness

ETYM French, from Latin passio, from pati, passus, to suffer. Related to Patient.
1. A feeling of strong sexual desire.
2. Strong feeling or emotion; SYN. passionateness.

7. yearning


A tender or urgent longing

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