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1. gentleman


ETYM Old Eng. gentilman nobleman; gentil noble + man man; cf. French gentilhomme.
(Irregular plural: gentlemen).
A man of refinement.

2. mister


Sinonimi: Mr

1. A form of address for a man; SYN. Mr.
2. Sir — used without a name as a generalized term of direct address of a man who is a stranger
3. A man not entitled to a title of rank or an honorific or professional title
4. Husband

3. monsieur


ETYM French, from mon my + Sieur, abbrev. of seigneur lord. Related to Monseigneur.
Term used as a French courtesy title; equivalent to English 'Mr'.
1. The common title of civility in France in speaking to, or of, a man; Mr. or Sir.
2. (History) The oldest brother of the king of France.

4. Mr


Abbreviation for mister; title used before a name to show that the person is male.
Mr was originally the abbreviation for “master”, and “mister” is a corrupted pronunciation of the abbreviation.

5. sir


ETYM Old Eng. sire, French sire, contr. from the nominative Latin senior an elder, elderly person, compar. of senex,senis, an aged person.
Term of address for a man.

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