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1. modulated


1. Altered in volume as well as tone or pitch.
2. Changed or adjusted to be suitable.

module | francusko - engleski prevod


muški rod

1. Élément.
2. Unité.

1. module


ETYM French, from Latin modulus a small measure, dim. of modus. Related to Mode, Model, Modulus, Mold a matrix.
1. A detachable section of a spacecraft.
2. A self-contained unit or item that is used in combination with other units.
3. An assembly of electronic components (as of computer hardware).
Unit of measurement or means of measuring; standard or self-contained unit of construction; self-contained section of educational course.
In construction, a standard or unit that governs the form of the rest. For example, Japanese room sizes are traditionally governed by multiples of standard tatami floor mats; today prefabricated buildings are mass-produced in a similar way. The components of a spacecraft are designed in coordination; for example, for the Apollo Moon landings the craft comprised a command module (for working, eating, sleeping), service module (electricity generators, oxygen supplies, maneuvering rocket), and lunar module (to land and return the astronauts).

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