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intelligence artificielle

ženski rodračunari

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artificial intelligence

/ ˌɑ:tɪˌfɪʃl ˌɪnˈtelədʒəns /


(AI) Branch of science concerned with creating computer programs that can perform actions comparable with those of an intelligent human. Current AI research covers such areas as planning (for robot behavior), language understanding, pattern recognition, and knowledge representation.
Early AI programs, developed in the 1960s, attempted simulations of human intelligence or were aimed at general problem-solving techniques. It is now thought that intelligent behavior depends as much on the knowledge a system possesses as on its reasoning power. Present emphasis is on knowledge-based systems, such as expert systems. Britain's largest AI laboratory is at the Turing Institute, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. In 1990 the first International Robot Olympics was held there, including table-tennis matches between robots of the US and the UK.
The branch of computer science concerned with enabling computers to simulate such aspects of human intelligence as speech recognition, deduction, inference, creative response, the ability to learn from experience, and the ability to make inferences given incomplete information. Two common areas of artificial-intelligence research are expert systems and natural-language processing. Acronym: AI. See also expert system, natural-language processing.
The branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively; SYN. AI.



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