impératif | francusko - engleski prevod



1. Obligatoire.
2. Nécessaire.

1. crucial


Sinonimi: relevant | deciding | determinant | determinative | determining | important

ETYM French crucial, from Latin crux, crucis, cross, torture. Related to Cross.
1. Having crucial relevance; SYN. relevant.
2. Having the power or quality of deciding; SYN. deciding, determinant, determinative, determining.
3. Of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis; SYN. important.

2. imperative


ETYM Latin imperativus, from imperare to command; pref. im- in + parare to make ready, prepare: cf. French impératif. Related to Perade, Empire.
1. Requiring attention or action.
2. (Grammar) Relating to verbs in the imperative mood.

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