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1. harpy


Sinonimi: harpy bat | tube-nosed bat | tube-nosed fruit bat | harpy eagle | Harpia harpyja

ETYM French harpie, Latin harpyia, Greek arpyia, from the root of arpazein to snatch, to seize. Related to Rapacious.
1. Any of various fruit bats of the genus Nyctimene distinguished by nostrils drawn out into diverging tubes; SYN. harpy bat, tube-nosed bat, tube-nosed fruit bat.
2. Large black-and-white crested eagle of tropical America; SYN. harpy eagle, Harpia harpyja.

2. Harpy


(Greek mythology) Vicious winged monster; often depicted as a bird with the head of a woman.
In early Greek mythology, a wind spirit; in later legend the Harpies have horrific women's faces and the bodies of vultures.

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