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ženski rod

1. Adresse.
2. Dextérité.
3. Diplomatie.

1. adeptness


Sinonimi: adroitness | deftness | facility | quickness

Skillful performance without difficulty; SYN. adroitness, deftness, facility, quickness.

2. capacity


Sinonimi: mental ability | content

ETYM Latin capacitus, from capax, capacis; from French capacité. Related to Capacious.
(volume) Alternative term for volume, generally used to refer to the amount of liquid or gas that may be held in a container. Units of capacity include liter and milliliter (metric); pint and gallon (imperial).
1. Ability to perform or produce.
2. The power to learn or retain knowledge; SYN. mental ability.
3. A specified function.
4. The amount that can be contained; SYN. content.
5. The maximum production possible.
This word is used in names of quantities which express the relative amount of some quantity with respect to a another quantity upon which it depends. For example, heat capacity is dU/dT, where U is the internal energy and T is the temperature. Electrical capacity, or capacitance is another example: C = |dQ/dV|, where Q is the magnitude of charge on each capacitor plate and V is the potential diference between the plates.

3. competence


Sinonimi: competency

ETYM Cf. French compétence, from Latin competentia agreement.
The quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually; SYN. competency.

4. dexterity


Sinonimi: manual dexterity | sleight

ETYM Latin dexteritas, from dexter: cf. French dextérité. Related to Dexter.
Adroitness in using the hands; SYN. manual dexterity, sleight.

5. skill


Sinonimi: science | accomplishment | acquirement | acquisition | attainment

ETYM Icel. skil a distinction, discernment; akin to skilja to separate, divide, distinguish, Swed. skilja. skille to separate, skiel reason, right, justice, Swed. skäl reason, Lith. skelli to cleave. Related to Shell, Shoal, a multitude.
1. Ability to produce solutions in some problem domain; SYN. science.
2. An ability that has been acquired by training; SYN. accomplishment, acquirement, acquisition, attainment.

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