engorgement | francusko - engleski prevod


muški rod

1. Fait de s'engorger.
2. D'ętre engorgé.

1. congestion


In traffic, the overcrowding of a route, leading to slow and inefficient flow. Congestion on the roads is a result of the large increase in automobile ownership. It may lead to traffic jams and long delays as well as pollution. Congestion within urban areas may also restrict accessibility.

2. engorgement


Act of swallowing greedily, devouring, gulping down; eating to excess, act of stuffing with food

3. obstruction


Sinonimi: impediment | impedimenta

ETYM Latin obstructio.
1. Anything that makes progress difficult; SYN. impediment, impedimenta.
2. Getting in someone's way.
3. The act of obstructing.

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