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en avant


Signifie devant et ŕ une certaine distance. Il était fort loin en avant. Au pied du trône et deux pas en avant.. C'est aussi l'ordre d'avancer : en avant, marche.

1. forth


Sinonimi: forward | onward

(Homonym: fourth).
1. Forward in time or order or degree; SYN. forward, onward.
2. Out into view.
River in SE Scotland, with its headstreams rising on the northeast slopes of Ben Lomond. It flows approximately 72 km/45 mi to Kincardine where the Firth of Forth begins. The Firth is approximately 80 km/50 mi long, and is 26 km/16 mi wide where it joins the North Sea.
At Queensferry near Edinburgh are the Forth rail (1890) and road (1964) bridges. The Forth and Clyde Canal (1768–90) across the lowlands of Scotland links the Firth with the river Clyde, Grangemouth to Bowling (53 km/33 mi). A coalfield was located beneath the Firth of Forth 1976.

2. forward


Sinonimi: forwards | frontward | frontwards | forrad | forrard

ETYM as. forweard, foreweard; for, fore + -weardes; akin to German vorwärts. The s is properly a genitive ending. Related to For, Fore, and -ward, -wards.
(Homonym: foreword).
At or to or toward the front; ('forrad' and 'forrard' are dialectal variations); SYN. forwards, frontward, frontwards, forrad, forrard.

3. onward


1. Moving in a forward direction; tending toward a contemplated or desirable end; forward
2. Advanced in a forward direction or toward an end.
3. Toward or at a point lying ahead in space or time; forward

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