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1. Opérant.
2. Agissant. Mesure efficace.
3. Performant. Dirigeant efficace.

1. effective


Sinonimi: efficient | effectual | efficacious | good | in effect | in force

ETYM Latin effectivus: cf. French effectif.
1. Able to accomplish a purpose; functioning effectively; SYN. efficient.
2. Producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect; SYN. effectual, efficacious.
3. Working well as a means or remedy.
4. Existing in fact; not theoretical; real.
5. Exerting force or influence; SYN. good, in effect, in force.
6. (Military) Equipped and ready for service.

2. effectual


1. Exerting or capable of exerting strong physiological or chemical effects.
2. Sufficient to produce a result.

3. efficacious


ETYM Latin eficax, -acis, from efficere. Related to Effect.
Marked by qualities giving the power to produce an intended effect.

4. efficient


ETYM Latin efficiens, -entis, p. pr. of efficere to effect: cf. French efficient. Related to Effect.
Being effective without wasting time or effort or expense.

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