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1. Allocution. Prononcer un discours.
2. Propos.
3. Parole. Discours philosophique.

1. allocution


ETYM Latin allocuto, from alloqui to speak to; ad + loqui to speak: cf. French allocution.
1. The act or manner of speaking to, or of addressing in words.
2. An address; a hortatory or authoritative address as of a pope to his clergy.
Authoritative or exhortatory address; Roman Catholic, formal papal address to College of Cardinals.

2. descant


Sinonimi: discant

ETYM Old Fren. descant, deschant, French déchant, discant, Late Lat. discantus, from Latin dis + cantus singing, melody, from canere to sing. Related to Chant, Descant, Discant.
A decorative accompaniment (often improvised) added above a basic melody; SYN. discant.
Music, simple counterpoint sung by trebles above melody; counterpoint; treble.
In music, a high-pitched line for one or more sopranos, added above the normal soprano line (melody) of a hymn tune; a high-pitched instrument of a family, such as the descant recorder (US soprano recorder); also, an improvised melody sung against a written voice part (see discant).

3. discourse


ETYM Latin discursus a running to and fro, discourse, from discurrere, discursum, to run to and fro, to discourse; dis- + currere to run: cf. French discours. Related to Course.
Extended verbal expression in speech or writing.

4. harangue


Sinonimi: rant | ranting

ETYM French harangue: cf. Spanish arenga, Italian aringa; lit., a speech before a multitude or on the hustings, Italian aringo arena, hustings, pulpit; all from Old High Germ. hring ring, anything round, ring of people, German ring. Related to Ring.
Bombastic declamation; SYN. rant, ranting.

5. oration


ETYM Latin oratio, from orare to speak, utter, pray. Related to Oral, Orison.
An instance of oratory, an elaborate discourse delivered in a formal and dignified manner.

6. speech


Sinonimi: spoken language | language | oral communication

ETYM Old Eng. speche, as. spaec, sprae, from specan, sprecan, to speak.
(Irregular plural: speeches).
1. Communication by word of mouth; SYN. spoken language, language, oral communication.
2. Something spoken.
3. The exchange of spoken words.

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