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1. Preuve. Démonstration d'un théorème.
2. Présentation. Démonstration commerciale.
3. Témoignage. Démonstration de sympathie.

1. demonstration


Sinonimi: demo

ETYM Latin demonstratio: cf. French démonstration.
1. A public display of group feelings.
2. A show of military force or preparedness.
3. A visual presentation showing how something works; SYN. demo.
Public show of support for, or opposition to, a particular political or social issue, typically by a group of people holding a rally, displaying placards, and making speeches. They usually seek some change in official policy by drawing attention to their cause with a media-worthy event.
Demonstrations can be static or take the form of elementary street theater or processions. A specialized type of demonstration is the picket, in which striking or dismissed workers try to dissuade others from using or working in the premises of the employer.
In the US, pickets are closely regulated. Violence and intimidation are beyond the protections of the First Amendment and are illegal.
The Supreme Court has also held (1957) that picketing for the purpose of coercing employers as part of a union-organizing campaign is not protected as free speech.

2. illustration


ETYM Latin illustratio: cf. French illustration.
1. A visual representation (a picture or diagram) that is used make some subject more pleasing or easier to understand.
2. Artwork that helps make something clear or attractive.

3. showing


1. Appearance; display; exhibition.
2. Presentation of facts; statement.

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