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1. delirium


ETYM Latin, from delirare to rave, to wander in mind, prop., to go out of the furrow in plowing; de- + lira furrow, track; perh. akin to German geleise track, rut, and Eng. last to endure.
State of excitement and mental confusion often accompanied by hallucinations.
In medicine, a state of acute confusion in which the subject is incoherent, frenzied, and out of touch with reality. It is often accompanied by delusions or hallucinations.
Delirium may occur in feverish illness, some forms of mental illness, brain disease, and as a result of drug or alcohol intoxication. In chronic alcoholism, attacks of delirium tremens (DTs), marked by hallucinations, sweating, trembling, and anxiety, may persist for several days.

2. dementia


Sinonimi: dementedness

ETYM Latin, from demens. Related to Dement.
Mental deterioration of organic or functional origin; SYN. dementedness.

3. feeblemindedness


Severe mental deficiency.

4. insanity


ETYM Latin insanitas unsoundness; cf. insania insanity, French insanite.
In medicine and law, any mental disorder in which the patient cannot be held responsible for their actions. The term is no longer used to refer to psychosis.
Relatively permanent disorder of the mind.

5. lunacy


Sinonimi: madness | insaneness

Obsolete terms for legal insanity; SYN. madness, insaneness.

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