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1. disgust


Sinonimi: revolt | nauseate | sicken | churn up | turn off | revolt | repel

1. To cause aversion in; offend the moral sense of; SYN. revolt, nauseate, sicken, churn up.
2. To fill with distaste; SYN. turn off, revolt, repel.

2. sicken


Sinonimi: come down | nauseate

1. To get sick; SYN. come down.
2. To make sick or ill
3. To make sick or nauseated; turn one's stomach; SYN. nauseate.

3. turn off


1. (Slang) To disgust; to cause one to lose interest in something.
2. To make a turn
3. When you turn off a road or path that you are traveling on, you leave it and start to travel on another road or path. When a road or path leaves another road or path and travels in a different direction, it turns off,

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