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muški rodživotinja

Mammifère sauvage apparenté au chien.

1. coyote


Sinonimi: prairie wolf | brush wolf | Canis latrans

ETYM Spanish Amer., from Mexican coyotl.
Small wolf native to western North America; SYN. prairie wolf, brush wolf, Canis latrans.
Small N American wolf; prairie wolf.
Wild dog Canis latrans, in appearance like a small wolf, living from Alaska to Central America and east to New York. Its head and body are about 90 cm/3 ft long and brown, flecked with gray or black. Coyotes live in open country and can run at 65 kph/40 mph. Their main foods are rabbits and rodents. Although persecuted by humans for over a century, the species is very successful.

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