concevoir | francusko - engleski prevod



1. (Intrans.) Donner la vie. Concevoir un enfant.
2. Élaborer. Concevoir un projet.
3. Comprendre. Je conçois votre surprise.

1. comprehend


1. To take into the mind; to grasp with the understanding; to apprehend the meaning of; to understand.
2. To take in or include by construction or implication; to comprise; to imply.
3. To contain; to embrace; to include.

2. conceive


Sinonimi: conceptualize | conceptualise | ideate

1. To become pregnant; undergo conception.
2. To have the idea for; SYN. conceptualize, conceptualise, ideate.

3. father


1. To make one's self the father of; to beget.
2. To take as one's own child; to adopt; hence, to assume as one's own work; to acknowledge oneself author of or responsible for (a statement, policy, etc.).
3. To provide with a father.

4. imagine


Sinonimi: conceive of | ideate | envisage

To form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case; SYN. conceive of, ideate, envisage.

5. picture


Sinonimi: depict | show | imagine | conceive of | figure

1. To show in, or as in, a picture; SYN. depict, show.
2. To imagine; SYN. imagine, conceive of, figure.

6. think up


Sinonimi: think of | dream up | hatch | concoct

To devise or invent; SYN. think of, dream up, hatch, concoct.

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