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1. clef


ETYM French clef key, a key in music, from Latin clavis key. Related to Clavicle.
A musical notation written on a staff indicating the pitch of the notes following it.
In music, a symbol prefixed to a five-line stave indicating the pitch range to which the written notes apply. Introduced as a visual aid in plainchant notation, it is based on the letter G (treble clef), establishing middle C (C4) as a prime reference pitch, G4 a fifth higher for higher voices, and F3 a fifth lower for lower voices.
The C clef is now comparatively rare, except for viola, cello, and bassoon; for most other instruments the G and F clefs are standard.

2. key


ETYM Old Eng. keye, key, kay, as. caeg.
In music, the diatonic scale around which a piece of music is written; for example, a passage in the key of C major will mainly use the notes of the C major scale. The term is also used for the lever activated by a keyboard player, such as a piano key, or the finger control on a woodwind instrument.

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ženski rod


1. chuck


1. Adjustable jaws center workpiece in a lathe or center tool in a drill.
2. The part of a forequarter from the neck to the ribs and including the shoulder blade.

2. spanner


(British) A wrench.

3. spigot


ETYM From spick,or spike; cf. Irish and Gael. spiocaid a spigot, Irish spice a spike. Related to Spike.
A faucet.
Bung; plug of a tap; end of smaller pipe when inserted into larger one to form a junction.

4. wrench


1. A violent twisting or a pull with or as if with twisting
2. A sharp twist or sudden jerk straining muscles or ligaments; also; the resultant injury (as of a joint)
3. A distorting or perverting alteration
4. Acute emotional distress; sudden violent mental change
5. A hand or power tool for holding, twisting, or turning an object (as a bolt or nut)
6. Monkey wrench

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