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1. Qui attaque. Soude caustique.
2. Mordant.
3. Incisif. Parole caustique.

1. abrasive


Sinonimi: scratchy

Substance used for cutting and polishing or for removing small amounts of the surface of hard materials. There are two types: natural and artificial abrasives, and their hardness is measured using the Mohs' scale. Natural abrasives include quartz, sandstone, pumice, diamond, and corundum; artificial abrasives include rouge, whiting, and carborundum.
Causing abrasion; SYN. scratchy.

2. caustic


Sinonimi: corrosive | erosive | vitriolic

ETYM Latin caustucs, Greek, from kaiein to burn. Related to Calm, Ink.
Of a substance, especially a strong acid; capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action; SYN. corrosive, erosive, vitriolic.

3. scathing


Sinonimi: vituperative

Marked by harshly abusive criticism; SYN. vituperative.

4. snide


1. Arrogant; deriding in a haughty way
2. Unworthy of esteem; low
3. Slyly disparaging; insinuating

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