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1. Bovidé.
2. Disque de polissage.

1. buffalo


ETYM Spanish bufalo, from Latin bubalus, bufalus, a kind of African stag or gazelle; also, the buffalo or wild ox, from Greek.
Meat from an American bison.
Either of two species of wild cattle. The Asiatic water buffalo Bubalis bubalis is found domesticated throughout S Asia and wild in parts of India and Nepal. It likes moist conditions. Usually gray or black, up to 1.8 m/6 ft high, both sexes carry large horns. The African buffalo Syncerus caffer is found in Africa, south of the Sahara, where there is grass, water, and cover in which to retreat. There are a number of subspecies, the biggest up to 1.6 m/5 ft high, and black, with massive horns set close together over the head. The name is also commonly applied to the American bison.

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