attaché | francusko - engleski prevod



1. Qui est attaché.
2. Délégué ; fonctionnaire affecté ŕ une ambassade, ŕ un poste ministériel, etc.

1. attached


Sinonimi: committed

1. Fastened together.
2. Associated in an exclusive sexual relationship; SYN. committed.
3. (Architecture) Used of buildings joined by common sidewalls.

2. fixed


Sinonimi: intent | set | rigid | frozen | given

1. Having a fixed and unchanging value (of a number).
2. Directed with intense concentration; SYN. intent.
3. Fixed and unmoving; SYN. set, rigid.
4. Incapable of being changed or moved or undone; e.g.; SYN. frozen.
5. Securely placed or fastened or set.
6. Specified in advance; SYN. given.

attache | francusko - engleski prevod


ženski rod

1. Lien, courroie, etc.
2. En général, ce qui sert ŕ attacher.

1. bond


Sinonimi: bond paper | bond certificate

1. A superior quality of strong durable white writing paper; originally made for printing documents; SYN. bond paper.
2. An interest-bearing (or discounted) certificate of debt issued by a government or corporation in order to raise money; SYN. bond certificate.

2. clamp


A device (used by carpenters) that holds things firmly together.
1. A device designed to bind or constrict or to press two or more parts together so as to hold them firmly
2. Any of various instruments or appliances having parts brought together for holding or compressing something

3. fastening


Sinonimi: attachment

The act of fastening things together; SYN. attachment.

4. garrote


Sinonimi: garotte | garrotte | iron collar

ETYM Spanish garrote, from garra claw, talon, of Celtic origin; cf. Armor. and W. gar leg, ham, shank. Related to Garrot stick, Garter.
An instrument for execution by strangulation; SYN. garotte, garrotte, iron collar.

5. tie


Sinonimi: tie beam

ETYM as. tęge, tige, tîge.
(Homonym: Thai).
1. A cord (or string or ribbon or wire etc.) with which something is tied.
2. A horizontal beam used to prevent two other structural members from spreading apart or separating; SYN. tie beam.

attaché | francusko - engleski prevod


muški rod

1. attaché


A specialist assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission.
(French) person attached to embassy.

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