étourdi | francusko - engleski prevod




1. dazed


Sinonimi: stunned | stupefied | stupid | foggy | groggy | logy | stuporous

1. In a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock; SYN. stunned, stupefied, stupid.
2. Stunned or confused and slow to react (as from blows or drunkenness or exhaustion); SYN. foggy, groggy, logy, stuporous.

2. giddy


1. Having in the head a sensation of whirling or reeling about; having lost the power of preserving the balance of the body, and therefore wavering and inclined to fall; lightheaded; dizzy.
2. Promoting or inducing giddiness.
3. Over-excited; mirthful.

3. thoughtless


Sinonimi: uncaring | unthinking

1. Showing lack of careful thought.
2. Without care or thought for others; SYN. uncaring, unthinking.

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