éternel | francusko - engleski prevod



1. Perpétuel.
2. Immortel.

1. endless


Sinonimi: eternal | interminable

ETYM AS. endeleás. Related to End.
1. Having the ends united so as to form a continuous whole.
2. Infinitely great in number.
3. Tiresomely long; seemingly without end; SYN. eternal, interminable.

2. eternal


ETYM French éternel, Latin aeternalis, from aeternus. Related to Etern.
1. Without beginning or end of existence; always existing.
2. Without end of existence or duration; everlasting; endless; immortal.
3. Continued without intermission; perpetual; ceaseless; constant.
4. Existing at all times without change; immutable.

3. immortal


ETYM Latin immortalis; pref. im- not + mortalis mortal: cf. French immortel. Related to Mortal, Immortelle.
Not subject to death.

4. perennial


Sinonimi: recurrent | repeated

ETYM Latin perennis that lasts the whole year through; per through + annus year. Related to Per-, and Annual.
1. Recurring again and again; SYN. recurrent, repeated.
2. Lasting an indefinitely long time; suggesting self-renewal.
3. (Botany) Lasting three seasons or more.

5. timeless


1. Eternal; not bound by the limits of time.
2. Not secular.
3. Having no end; interminable; unending.

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