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muški rod

1. Duvet d'une espèce de canard des pays septentrionaux (l'eider) qui sert ŕ faire des couvre-pieds, des couvertures.
2. La couverture elle-męme.

1. duvet



2. quilt


Sinonimi: comforter | puff

ETYM Old Eng. quilte, Old Fren. cuilte, Latin culcita bed, cushion, mattress. Related to Counterpoint, Cushion.
Padded bed cover or the method used to make padded covers or clothing. The padded effect is achieved by sewing a layer of down, cotton, wool, or other stuffing between two outer pieces of material; patterned sewing is used (often diamond shapes or floral motifs).
Quilts have been made in the home for centuries throughout Europe, the East, and more recently the US. They are sometimes decorated with patchwork or embroidery.
In the US, group or family efforts resulted in quilting bees, where several people sewed and visited on certain days to finish the project (wedding, baby) and to have company in a vast, relatively unpopulated colonial farming region.
A bed cover made of two layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together; SYN. comforter, puff.

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