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word processor


Sinonimi: word processing system

An application program for creating and manipulating text-based documents. A word processor is the electronic equivalent of paper, pen, typewriter, eraser, and, most likely, dictionary and thesaurus. Depending on the program and the equipment in use, word processors can display documents either in text mode (using highlighting, underlining, or color to represent italics, boldfacing, and other such formatting) or in graphics mode (in which formatting and, sometimes, a variety of fonts appear on the screen as they will on the printed page). All word processors offer at least limited facilities for document formatting, such as font changes, page layout, paragraph indentation, and the like. Some word processors can also check spelling, find synonyms, incorporate graphics created with another program, align mathematical formulas, create and print form letters, perform calculations, display documents in multiple on-screen windows, and enable users to record macros that simplify difficult or repetitive operations. Compare editor, line editor.
An application that provides the user with tools needed to write and edit and format text and to send it to a printer; SYN. word processing system.
In computing, a program that allows the input, amendment, manipulation, storage, and retrieval of text; or a computer system that runs such software. Since word-processing programs became available to microcomputers, the method has been gradually replacing the typewriter for producing letters or other text.
Typical facilities include insert, delete, cut and paste, reformat, search and replace, copy, print, mail merge, and spelling check.

1. program za obradu teksta

muški rodračunari

Aplikacija koja vam omogućava da pišete i uređujete dokumenta. Programi za obradu teksta obično mogu da kopiraju i premeštaju tekst unutar dokumenta (pojedinačno po rčeima, po izrazima, po pasusima), da traže određene reči ili izraze, da ubacuju ili brišu tekst, formatiraju (uključujući definisanje margina, fontova i stilova za znakove), i naravno, da štampaju. Popularni programi za obradu teksta su, između ostalog, Majkrosoft Vord i Vordperfekt.

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