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welfare state [ imenica ]
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A government that undertakes responsibility for the welfare of its citizens through programs in public health and public housing and pensions and unemployment compensation etc.
Political system under which the state (rather than the individual or the private sector) has responsibility for the welfare of its citizens. Services such as unemployment and sickness benefits, family allowances and income supplements, pensions, medical care, and education may be provided and financed through state insurance schemes and taxation.
In Britain, David Lloyd George, as chancellor, introduced a National Insurance Act 191The idea of a welfare state developed in the UK from the 19Beveridge Report on social security, which committed the government after World War II to the provision of full employment, a free national health service, and a social-security system. The wartime coalition government accepted its main provisions and they were largely put into effect by the Labour government 1945–5Since then, economic stringencies and changes in political attitudes have done something to erode the original schemes but the concept remains as an ideal. In Oct 19a Commission on Social Justice, established by the Labour Party, recommended a radical review of the welfare state.
Internationally, the aim of creating a welfare state has been adopted in several countries, particularly in Scandinavia, but, again, often more as an ideal than a reality. The welfare-state concept was built into the political structures of communist states, led by the USSR, but even here economic realities tempered its practical implementation.

socijalna država [ ženski rod ]

Država koja ima dobro rešeno socijalno osiguranje za sve.

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