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Web browser [ imenica {računari} ]
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Software that lets a user view HTML documents and access files and software related to those documents. Originally developed to allow users to view or browse documents on the World Wide Web, Web browsers can blur the distinction between local and remote resources for the user by also providing access to documents on a network, an intranet, or the local hard drive. Web browser software is built on the concept of hyperlinks, which allow users to point and click with a mouse in order to jump from document to document in whatever order they desire. Most Web browsers are also capable of downloading and transferring files, providing access to newsgroups, displaying graphics embedded in the document, playing audio and video files associated with the document, and executing small programs, such as Java applets or ActiveX controls included by programmers in the documents. Helper applications or plug-ins are required by some Web browsers to accomplish one or more of these tasks. Also called: browser. See also ActiveX control, helper application, hyperlink, Internet Explorer, Java applet, Lynx, Mosaic, Netscape Navigator, plug-in.
Application that has been written or ported to each particular platform and that is used to request and read HTML documents that are placed on a central server machine to be handed to anyone who asks.

Veb čitač [ muški rod {računari} ]

Softver koji služi za čitanje dokumenata koji su napravljeni u HTML formatu, a to su sve strane na Vebu. Postoje dva popularna Veb čitača: jedan je Netskejpov a drugi Majkrosoftov. Veb čitači prikazuju informacije sa Interneta pomoću teksta, slika, zvukova i svih drugih stvari koje privlače pažnju. Čitači mogu da prikazuju i informacije sa Gofera, FTP-a i diskusionih grupa.

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