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walrus [ imenica {N/A} ]
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ETYM Dutch walrus; of Scand. origin; cf. Dan valros, Swed. vallross, Norw. hvalros; literally, whale horse; akin to Icel. hrosshvalr, AS. horshwael. Related to Whale, and Horse.
(Irregular plural: walruses, or: walrus).
Either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber.
Arctic marine carnivorous mammal Odobenus rosmarus of the same family (Otaridae) as the eared seals. It can reach 4 m/ft in length, and weigh up to 1,4kg/3,0lb. It has webbed flippers, a bristly moustache, and large tusks. It is gregarious except at breeding time and feeds mainly on mollusks. It has been hunted close to extinction for its ivory tusks, hide, and blubber. The Alaskan walrus is close to extinction.

morski konj [ muški rod {životinja} ]

morž [ muški rod {životinja} ]

Morski konj, morski sisavac iz reda perajara (rus.)

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