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wade [ imenica ]
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An act of wading

gaz [ muški rod {nautika} ]

Dubina gaženja broda.

prelaz [ muški rod ]


wade [ glagol ]
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To walk (through relatively shallow water).

gacati [ glagol ]

gaziti [ glagol ]

mučiti se [ glagol ]

napredovati [ glagol ]

pregaziti [ glagol ]

prelaziti [ glagol ]

preći gaženjem [ glagol ]

probiti [ glagol ]

Wade [ ženski rod {N/A} ]
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(Sarah) (1945-) English tennis player who won the Wimbledon singles title in the Silver Jubilee year of 19after fifteen years of striving. She also won the US Open in 19and the 19Australian Open. She holds a record number of appearances for the Wightman and Federation Cup teams and her total of eight Grand Slam titles is a postwar British record equaled only by Ann Jones.
Singles: 1977.
US Open.
Singles: 1968.
Women's doubles: 19619719(all with Margaret Court).
French Open.
Women's doubles: 19(with Margaret Court).
Australian Open.
Women's doubles: 19(with Margaret Court).

Vejd [ ženski rod {N/A} ]

Sara, engleska teniserka koja je osvojila Vimbldon 197godine, za njegov 1jubilej.

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