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ETYM French troubadour, from Pr. trobador, Late Lat. tropator a singer, tropare to sing, from tropus a kind of singing; cf. Trouvčre.
One of a school of poets who flourished from the eleventh to the thirteenth century, principally in Provence, in the south of France, and also in the north of Italy.
Medieval romantic poet; wandering minstrel.
Class of poet musicians in Provence and S France in the 12th–13th centuries, which included both nobles and wandering minstrels. The troubadours originated a type of lyric poetry devoted to themes of courtly love and the idealization of women and to glorifying the deeds of their patrons, reflecting the chivalric ideals of the period. Little is known of their music, which was passed down orally.
Among the troubadours were Bertran de Born (1140–c. 1215), who was mentioned by Dante; Arnaut Daniel; and Bernard de Ventadour. The troubadour tradition spread to other parts of Europe, including northern France (the trouvčres) and Germany (the Minnesingers).

1. trubadur

muški rod

U Sred. veku: provansalski pesnik, pevač; fig. ljubavni pesnik, zaljubljeni pesnik.

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