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(Music) An electronic instrument (usually played with a keyboard) that generates and modifies sounds electronically and can imitate a variety of other musical instruments.
Musical device for the simulation of vocal or instrumental timbre by mechanical or electro-acoustic means.
The pipe organ was the first major synthesizer, allowing the mixture of timbres at the unison or harmonic intervals. Modern electrical synthesizers date from the Telharmonium 1904 of US inventor Thaddeus Cahill, incorporating the tone wheel, a programmable oscillator subsequently incorporated in the Hammond organ.
Later synthesizers include the analog trautonium, ondes Martenot, RCA Mark II synthesizer, Moog (the first electronic synthesizer), ARP, and Synthi 100; and digital Fairlight, Synclavier, Roland, Oberheim, and Yamaha keyboards, and the IRCAM 4X series synthesizer.
types of synthesizer
In preset synthesizers, the sound of various instruments is produced by a built-in computer-type memory, which triggers all the control settings required to produce the sound of a particular instrument. For example, the “sawtooth” sound wave produced by a violin is artificially produced by an electrical tone generator, or oscillator, and then fed into an electrical filter set to have the resonances characteristic of a violin body.
In programmable synthesizers any number of new instrumental or other sounds may be produced at the will of the performer.
Speech synthesizers can break down speech into 128 basic elements (allophones), which are then combined into words and sentences, as in the voices of electronic teaching aids.

1. sintesajzer

muški rodmuzika

Elektronski instrument (obično sviran preko tastature) koji proizvodi i modifikuje zvokove elektronskim putem i može imitirati mnoto različitih muzičkih instrumenata.

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