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supertwist display


A form of passive-matrix liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that rotates polarized light as it passes through liquid crystal molecules in which the top and bottom orientations of the molecules causes them to twist 180 to 270 degrees. This technology is used to improve contrast and widen the screen’s viewing angle. Supertwist displays, also known as supertwist nematic displays, are widely used and are less expensive than active-matrix displays. Different forms of supertwist displays include DSTN (double supertwist nematic), which is based on two supertwist layers with opposite twist directions, and CSTN (color supertwist nematic), which produces wide-angle, high-quality color. Nematic refers to microscopic threadlike bodies characteristic of the liquid crystals used in these displays. Supertwist displays are widely used in cellular telephones and other devices that may be used in low-light environments. Also called: color supertwist nematic display, CSTN, double supertwist nematic, DSTN, twisted nematic display. See also twisted nematic display.

1. superprepleten ekran

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Vrsta ekrana za prenosive računare koji je mnogo bolji od običnog prepletenog ekrana.

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