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standard deviation [ imenica {matematika} ]
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In statistics, a measure of the dispersion of a group of measurements relative to the mean (average) of that group. Each score’s difference from the mean is squared, and the standard deviation is defined as the square root of the average of these squared values.
The square root of the variance.
In statistics, a measure (symbol s or s) of the spread of data. The deviation (difference) of each of the data items from the mean is found, and their values squared. The mean value of these squares is then calculated. The standard deviation is the square root of this mean.
If n is the number of items of data, x is the value of each item, and x is the mean value, the standard deviation s may be given by the formula
s = Ö[ S(x - x)2/n]
where S indicates that the differences between the value of each item of data and the mean should be summed.
To simplify the calculations, the formula may be rearranged to
s = Ö[ Sx2/n - x2]. As a result, it becomes necessary only to calculate Sx and Sx2.
For example, if the ages of a set of children were 4.5.and 1Sx would be 5x would be 52/n = 52/8 = 6.and Sx2 would be 378.5 (= + 4.+ + 5.+ + + + 112). Therefore, the standard deviation s would be Ö[ 378.5/8 - (6.5)= Ö5.06= 2.25.

standardna devijacija [ ženski rod {matematika} ]

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