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square root [ imenica {matematika} ]
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A number that when multiplied by itself equals a given number.
In mathematics, a number that when squared (multiplied by itself) equals a given number. For example, the square root of (written Ö2is ± because 5 x 5 = 2and (-x (-= 2As an exponent, a square root is represented by ˝, for example, 16˝ = 4.
Negative numbers (less than do not have square roots that are real numbers. Their roots are represented by complex numbers, in which the square root of -1 is given the symbol i (that is, ± i2 = -1). Thus the square root of -4 is Ö[(-x = Ö-1 x Ö4 = 2i.

kvadratni koren [ muški rod {matematika} ]

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