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sovereign [ pridev ]
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ETYM Old Eng. soverain, sovereyn, Old Fren. soverain, suvrain, French souverain, Late Lat. superanus, from Latin superus that is above, upper, higher, from super above. Related to Over, Super, Soprano. The modern spelling is due to a supposed connection with reign.
Greatest in status or authority or power; SYN. supreme.

bezgraničan [ pridev ]

delotvoran [ pridev ]

neograničen [ pridev ]

uspešan [ pridev ]

viši [ pridev ]

vrhovan [ pridev ]

vrhovni [ pridev ]

suveren [ pridev ]

Najveći, najviši, nenadmašan; vrhovni, neograničen; neprikosnoven.

sovereign [ imenica ]
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The ruler of a nation; SYN. crowned head, monarch.
British gold coin, introduced by Henry VII, which became the standard monetary unit in 181Minting ceased for currency purposes in the UK in 191but the sovereign continued to be used as “unofficial” currency in the Middle East. It was minted for the last time in 19and has now been replaced by the Britannia.
The value is notionally but the actual value is that of the weight of the gold at current rates.

vladar [ muški rod ]

Vladalac, upravnik, gospodar.

nezavisna država [ ženski rod ]

suveren [ muški rod ]

Neograničeni gospodar, samodržac; vladar.

monarh [ muški rod ]

Vladalac, samodržac, samovladar, kralj, car, imperator koji stoji na vrhu monarhije (grč.)

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